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  • Improves your appearance and self confidence
  • Easy and painless procedure
  • Custom molded trays available for whitening at home
  • Noticeable results in as little as one treatment

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Teeth Whitening

As you get older and drink more teeth staining beverages such as red wine, coffee, or soda your once bright smile can fade. But there is no need to worry. Teeth whitening will allow you to regain that brilliant white smile that you were once so proud of. The best part is that you can get professional teeth whitening at Eagle Dental Office.

Teeth bleaching or teeth whitening, as it is more professionally known is the process where the dentist will examine your teeth first to determine the cause behind the fading, discoloration, or darkening of your teeth. There are many causes to teeth becoming discolored including foods, age, and dental disease. Before beginning any tooth whitening procedure, it is advised by the American Dental Association to have a professional dentist examine your teeth to determine the best course of action and procedure. There are different treatments for whitening your teeth, but all use the same basic chemical treatment called carbamide peroxide, which when applied in the mouth, breaks down to form hydrogen peroxide

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When having your teeth whitened in the dentists’ office, they will have the ability to apply protective coatings to the soft gums and tongue of your mouth to prevent possible chemical damage. If you undertake the teeth whitening procedure at home without consulting a dentist first, you run the risk of damaging the soft tissues of your mouth causing chemical burns and possibly damaging your mouth which would require medical treatment. It is always best to consult with Eagle Dental Office before undertaking any at-home products. Another risk of using at-home remedies is the decrease in tooth enamel that can lead to tooth decay, increased sensitivity to hot or cold, or even destroying the tooth.

Eagle Dental office will have the ability to examine your teeth, take x-rays to identify any underlying condition such as discoloration from the inside out. This type of discoloration may require a root canal procedure before proceeding with the teeth whitening procedure. This will allow the tooth whitening to begin the colorization process from the inside of the tooth where the discoloring of the tooth begins. There are many different products on the market and an internet search will amaze you on the vast array of products available for use, however, without professional consultation, your purchase may be in vain, or pain if there is an underlying cause to the dulling teeth in your mouth.